Moms on a Mission

SLYC’s Moms On a Mission (M.O.M.s) began during the pandemic. MO.M.s are mothers, grandmothers and mother-figures living in West Baltimore who understand the community's needs best. This program gives M.O.M.s the financial, organizational, and administrative support needed to implement monthly community impact initiatives. Through their work, M.O.M.s are creating effective and enduring solutions in their neighborhoods.


M.O.M.s hosted a June Jubilee to celebrate all of the milestones that children had missed throughout the pandemic. The day included food, fun, photos, ice cream, games, and prizes. It was a remarkable end to a challenging school year!


May is for M.O.M.s, so a Women's Retreat was in order. It was time for our M.O.M.s to focus on themselves and their own needs for social and emotional well-being. The day was remarkable; a much needed opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation.


April was time to socialize by hosting a socially distanced cookout. We had a great time with families, neighbors, and friends! There was lots of food, music, kids playing, and adults (and a couple kids) line dancing. It was a beautiful day!


In March, M.O.M.s were ready for a field trip. Time to get out of our homes and out of our isolation. A COVID-safe field trip to the movies was just what the community ordered. 75+ community members traveled to Cinemark in Towson to see Tom and Jerry. 2 buses, 2 large movie auditoriums, large popcorn and large soda for all!


In February, M.O.M.s put together over 65 care packages to support the health, safety, social, and emotional needs of our community. Packages were full of PPE, hats, gloves, Valentine treats, and more.