Reclaiming Our Home 

Revitalizing Our Future

Future St. Luke's Campus of Art, Education, & Renewal 

The Poppleton neighborhood has a rich history, having been home to working-class Black families for generations. Unfortunately, the attempted construction of Interstate 170 had a profound effect on Poppleton, leading to many residents being displaced, Poppleton being separated from other nearby neighborhoods, and continued disinvestment. These occurrences, along with exploitative development practices and a history of redlining in Baltimore, have produced the inequities that Poppleton now faces. 

A Place Called Poppleton is an ongoing cultural documentation project focused on the rich history, folklife, and culture of the Poppleton neighborhood of West Baltimore. Beginning in 2020, UMBC professors and students have worked collaboratively with the Poppleton Now Community Association, residents, faith communities, community organizations, artists, and youth organizations to document, understand, and preserve [...]

SLYC envisions a campus of Education and Opportunity in West Baltimore, grown from the foundation of the neighborhood’s current families, building on our community's abundant assets.