SLYC is built on a foundation of safety, trust, acceptance, love, and hope. All programming is developed by the youth and their families in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our community.

We offer these programs completely free of charge.

Youth Out-of-School-Time Programming

Camp Imagination is a place where imagination, creativity, fun and literacy go hand-in-hand. Camp experiences inspire a love of reading and writing through the visual and performing arts.

Every school day SLYC kids, ages 7 to 17, gather together for a community meeting, healthy snack, homework support, and fun. Youth in the after school program are also part of the SLYC Youth Advisory Board, taking a leading role in the visioning, governance, and growth of all SLYC programs.

Family Supports, Community Engagement, & Leadership Development

When there is a need, a want, a wish, or a hope, SLYC activates our network of families, neighbors, and partners to ensure that nothing gets in the way of our SLYC family successes. From COVID-relief care packages, to tutoring, technology, food distribution, leadership development, and employment, our community works together to make magic happen.

SLYC’s Moms On a Mission (M.O.M.s) began during the pandemic. MO.M.s are mothers, grandmothers and mother-figures living in West Baltimore who understand the community's needs best. This program gives M.O.M.s the financial, organizational, and administrative support needed to implement monthly community impact initiatives. Through their work, M.O.M.s are creating effective and enduring solutions in their neighborhoods.

Connections Café

A place for community, connection, and creation. SLYC Café offers free high-speed internet access, use of computers, meeting space, and coffee for community members during the weekday. It is a safe haven of support to incubate aspirational endeavors. Rather than reaching outside of the community, we aim to accomplish great things by activating our shared gifts, talents, and assets.

Former International Poetry Slam Champion Gayle Danley narrates this intimate podcast where SLYC families tell their real stories. They reveal what they’ve learned about hope and survival through the art of spoken word poetry and music.

Community Engagement

SLYC family and staff regularly plan and host community dinners, holiday celebrations, cleanup days, game nights, and more to keep us all connected. We aim to build authentic relationships of trust and collaboration.